Free Test Master of Your Song of Choice

Getting a sample of our mastering on one of your own songs is easy and free. Upload your song through our guided process. We’ll then master your song send you an email when the finished preview is ready to download.

Before uploading your masterpiece please read the following:
  • Due to heavy load, please submit sample songs only if you are seriously considering professional mastering.
  • Make sure your songs have not had any limiter or maximizer or compression plugins added to the final stereo out. If you don’t know what this means just make sure your song isn’t too loud.
  • Make sure your songs are in .wav format or .aiff format. Do not send MP3s as they are not suitable for high quality mastering.
  • And finally…make sure you’re serious about having a professionally mastered song. If your mix has too many issues, mastering isn’t going to help much (Consider our popular mixing and mastering service).