PMC MB2S Custom
Amphion ONE18


Knif SOMA Master EQ
Chandler TG12345 Curve Bender
Sontec MEP250EX (Custom Elma switches)
Tube-Tech HLT 2AM (Mastering Version)
Elysia XFilter


Burls B32  | 32-channel mix bus
Black Box HG-2
Thermionic Culture Vulture Anniversary Edt.


Prism ADA8-XR
Mytek 8*192
Maselec MTC-1x


Fairchild 670 MKII P.o.m.
Maselec MLA-4
Rupert Neve Portico II MBP
Foote P3S Mastering Edition
Maselec MPL-2
Pendulum Audio PL-2


WaveLab pro 9
Cubase Pro 9.5
Fireface UFX+

Fairchild 670 MKII P.O.M.

The authentic gem of our Solid Mastering Studio Equipment.
The Fairchild 670 is the most coveted vintage compressor/limiters in the world, with good reason.
It is one of the best compressors available at any price and produces a unmistakable sound that can described as big, warm and silky. Virtually any audio signal that passes through can benefit from its fabulous sound.

Prism Sound Dream ADA-8xr

The Prism Dream is a mastering quality, two-channel A-D/D-A converter, featuring reference grade electronics. It sounds controlled and refined, with a detailed soundstage that is both polished and precise.
The stereo imaging is superb, with a fantastic sense of depth, space and separation between different instruments. There is no detectable coloration or sonic fingerprint, just a phenomenal level of neutrality and accuracy.  Described it as “technically and sonically stunning”, It is without doubt one of the best converters on the market.

Maselec MTC-1x Mastering console

The Maselec MTC-1X is the perfect tool for mastering. With exceptional sonic properties, new functionalities and usual rock solid Maselec quality, the MTC-1 is ultra low noise, extremely flexible, ultra transparent and feature the finest material.

PMC MB2S activated custom Mastering speakers

The PMC MB2s is the pride of our studio. It is an outstanding mastering speaker, which reproduces sound sources in an incredibly natural, detailed and accurate manner across the frequency spectrum.
There is simply no comparison between a speaker of this quality and what you find in the average recording studio. If you want to hear what is really going on in your mix, you need to check these speakers out. We absolutely love them!

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Superb and very powerful stereo Mastering equalizer used in countless records.
Curve Bender’s filter inductors are the key to its legendary sonic character. Their sound is unachievable by any other method. They sound fat, with thick low end, slightly aggressive mids, and smooth highs.

Maselec MLA-4 Stereo Triband Compressor/Expander

The Maselec MLA-4 is an analog multi-band compressor, which can be found in many of the world’s leading mastering studio equipment. It has a clean and informative sound and is particularly good at tightening up the low end and taming slightly bright mixes. Certainly one of the most powerful, useful, versatile and musical processors currently available.

Dangerous Music Bax EQ

The Dangerous Music Bax EQ is an extremely transparent shelving EQ, based on the same principle as the tone controls on a hi-fi system. Its sound is highly musical ad perfect for gently sculpting the highs and lows. It also has one of the most natural sounding high pass filters around.

Foote Control Systems P3S ME Class A Mastering Compressor

This VCA compressor is hand built by Roger Foote in the USA and provides perhaps the most clean and transparent compression available today. Those used to plug-in compression will be amazed at the difference in quality.

Black Box Analog Design HG-2

The Black Box Analog Design HG-2 is a line level, stereo unit designed to add saturation, harmonics, natural compression, increased RMS and enhancement during mastering. It is designed to easily and naturally do what usually requires multiple pieces of gear and do it better!

Burl B32 Vancouver Summing amp mixer

Designed specifically for the digital audio environment, this summing amp lets you realize the full potential of your DAW by delivering the kind of sound quality you’d expect from a classic, large-format analog console.

Maselec MPL-2 High frequency limiter

Simply the best existing analog de-esser. The MPL-2 is used to ‘smooth’ and give digital recordings a more ‘analogue’ character and control. It can be used to achieve high subjective levels and reduce unwanted high frequency levels (de-essing).

Tube-Tech HLT 2AM (Mastering Version)

The TUBE-TECH HLT 2AM is an all-new kind of Equalizer, combining High and Low shelving Eq plus Hi and Low cut filters with an innovative T filter “tilt” midrange Eq. It’s the first time this combination of filters has been designed in the analog domain and it’s part of our solid mastering studio equipment.
To put it simply, the HLT2AM will yield good results for basically any material and application.

We work hard and dig deep into sound to always achieve the best master of your music