Solid Mastering Studio is one of the very few audio mastering studios in Europe to offer real wordclass analogue audio mastering online services.

Carlo Camera is pleased to introduce one of the best audio mastering facilities. Our state-of-the-art studio is fully equipped with all the high-end tools available to give you a real wordclass stereo audio mastering service of the very highest standard.

Stereo Audio Mastering

Stereo Audio Mastering is the traditional way to optimize a track’s dynamics and spectral balance in mastering music. We also take care to master tracks to be compatible with their destined media (TV, radio, etc.)

This is the standard practice for mastering a song. The artist sends a stereo file of their final mix, which is then put through the final mastering process. The engineer is able to enhance the sound quality and adjust the song to sound better when played on specific sound systems. Since the files the engineer is working with are limited small adjustments to specific tracks will not be possible and any small issues he may find such as clipping or audio that is cut off cannot be fixed.

Solid Mastering focus on mastering is to provide musical solutions for your production and to have enhanced sound in every playback situation. The best equipment is used to optimize your production for different formats from digital download to Vinyl. Our gears are available from both old and new technologies which are all industry standards.

Select the Right Mastering Studio To Showcase Your Music

Many music studios online offer mastering at very low prices because they just ask their mixing engineer to tweak the mix at the end. This almost always leads to less than ideal results. If you’ve already paid good money for their production services probably they’ve already poured your heart and soul into your song.

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There is a reason that all great mixing engineers use a trusted mastering studio to finalize their tracks.

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Stereo Audio Mastering

We work hard and dig deep into sound to always achieve the best master of your music